Timor L'este Diving Information

The Coral Triangle Last Unexplored territory, East Timor. The strait between Timor Island and the offshore Atauro Island is a pathway used by whales and dolphins. Blue whales and pilot whales pass through here from October to November. The currency is the American dollar, and a dollar or less are coins called centavo. The official language is Portuguese, but in towns and hotels only the local language or English can be understood. There are only a taxi or diving service offered on the island, and there is also a meter for blue taxis, which could cost about $ 5 or less to get around but could go up to $ 10 if the destination is the airport. In addition, the prices of hotels and restaurants are high. A 30 USD VISA fee is required to enter East Timor. You may pay at the airport but you cannot use the old 100-dollar bill, therefore it is recommended that you carry a 20 USD bill with you. The weight limit for the flight is 20 kg, so an additional charge of around 400 yen per kg is required. On your return flight, you will also need dollars to pay at the counter. There are numerous points around Dili that you could normally reach by car transportation. The Dugong’s are inhabited on the casual beach near the airport. On the Timor island side, there are coral reef everywhere along the road, along with a nice scenery of coral patches and the wall. There are also plenty of macro points and there are usually deer and wild boars on the diving beach however, there is no danger to be feared. Atauro Island, which is about 25 km offshore from Dili, is a wide point, surrounded by swarms of barracuda and bonito. There is also the Atauro dive resort on the east coast of Atauro Island, however the number of ferries required for access is low.

Diving Service

Aquatica Dive Resoot

A resort that provides diving services near the mouth of the Comoro River northwest of downtown Dili, approximately 15 minutes by car from airport. There is a cottage for divers and a restaurant overlooking out to the sea, there is additionally also a diving package. The Owner, Desmond is familiar with not only underwater but also with drone photography. Atauro Island expedition ships are ships from the side of the restaurant that operates only on a request basis. Sightseeing of the island such as the elephant of Christ is also possible to participate in.

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Dive Timor Lorosea

A diving service facing Portugal street along the north coast of downtown with a hotel for divers located at the back of the store. The website is full of detailed information on the surrounding dive sites.

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Dive Sites

  1. Dili Rock West
  2. Dili Rock East
  3. Roda Reef
  4. Tasi Tolu
  5. Pertamina Pier
  6. Pinnacle
  7. Front Side of Christo Rei
  8. Back Side of Christo Rei
  1. Franks Crack
  2. Table Top
  3. Big Fish
  4. Manta Cove
  5. Inner Reef
  6. Outer Reef
  7. Shark Fin

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