June 24, 2024

脅威にさらされるラジャ・アンパット ラジャ・アンパット


Raja Ampat Under Threat. Nickel mining may be rearing its ugly head again in Raja Ampat's Kawe Islands region. Experts worry that rising prices for the precious metal, spurred by growing demand for electric vehicles, could imperil a critical habitat just outside of Raja Ampat's vast marine protected areas, which span an area twice the size of Taiwan. The coral reefs could be smothered by runoff, and an essential manta superhighway interfered with.


January 10, 2024


As of 2023, a VISA is required to enter Indonesia, incurring a payment of 500,000 rupiah (approximately 5,000 yen). In neighboring countries, VISA and vaccination certificate is no longer required, and entry is now possible only by presenting a passport. In Taiwan, Japanese nationals leaving the country are now only required to go through machine readable passport check, as is the case when returning to Japan.


December 16, 2023

Indo Siren Burns. On the morning of November 30, the popular liveaboard caught fire in the waters of Raja Ampat. All passengers and crew were safely rescued but lost most of their possessions and passports. Indo Seiren was the wooden-hulled, 130-foot-long pinisi-rigged vessel.  by undercurrent



September, 2023

Entry VISA

It is no longer necessary to present a VISA or Corona PCR test results for entry into 6 countries within the Coral Triangle.

 When returning to Japan, it took 3-4 hours in 2022 due to PCR testing at the airport, but after May 2023, it will be possible to enter the country without problems. After May 2023, it will be possible to enter Japan smoothly.



January 22, 2023

Unmarried couples entering Indonesiai
Indonesia's Adultery Law is not Intended for You. Indonesia recently introduced a law making it illegal for couples who were not married to share sleeping accommodations.

his law won't apply to foreigners


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